Erotic massage for women

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Not only in Prague there are many massage salons offering erotic massages. In the vast majority of cases, however, it is erotic massage for men, although it is not mentioned anywhere. Resp. erotic massages are mostly visited by men. We can only guess why erotic massages do not follow women so often. Maybe you’re ashamed? Are they more conservative in this respect? We even have the opinion of one of you who claims to be able to arrange erotic massage for free and at the same time it may be strange that it pays for the guy to reach them.

Whatever it is, a free massage may not be the best choice when a man does not know how to do it. At the beginning, it’s worth mentioning that you do not have to be a professional at erotic massage to satisfy your partner or friend. It is definitely a great advantage when there is a pleasant relationship between you and an intimate relationship. The woman relaxes and relaxes the massage with her whole body and mind.

You do not even know the anatomy of the human body. Of course, they should know where you can afford to push more and where less so that by chance it was not too painful. But most of you handle it.

Appropriate location

For an effective erotic massage, it’s good to choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by anyone or anyone. To create a better atmosphere, you can use relaxing or other music that is both pleasant and relaxing. Another element to enhance the relaxation atmosphere is aromatic sticks or aroma lamps. It is, however, good to agree in advance whether it suits both. Someone may be unpleasant or repulsive.

Beginning of massage

When everything is ready, you just have to put your partner on a suitable mat. Most often it will be on the bed or mattress or mattress right on the floor. It is very appropriate for a massage when you are both wearing only in underwear or even more completely naked. This will enhance the overall atmosphere of erotic massage.

You can use stroke as the initial and basic technique. Surely it’s good to use it at the very beginning of erotic massage because if you go to more “intensive” techniques, the body surface will no longer be so sensitive, and your partner would not have to have as pleasant feelings as it would at the very beginning of the massage . So save your partner and start stroking it. You can start with a full stroke. Do not be afraid. Take your time. In erotic massage, especially during women’s massage, the path is a goal.

After smoothing, you can gently sculpt the woman, emphasize very gently. Fingers, respectively. your nails can go through your entire back. From the neck to the butt.


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