How to behave in a private apartment?

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Perhaps you’ve never had sex yet. If it attracts you, you might want to know what’s ahead and what to prepare for. He is not as privately owned. There are girls who work alone. They have a place to invite you to enjoy it. It is often necessary to order ahead so that it does not have a customer and you do not have to wait. Then they are private where the girls work more. Here you can also order a girl to whom you want to have sex. It is possible, however, to come to the private and unannounced with the choice of the 5 girls who are there.

If you are on a private, where are more girls, we have an interesting tip for you. Yes, choosing to be slim and beautiful is probably automatic. However, it is also very good to consider how the girls react to you. Before choosing a “Miss” that looks like a cocab, she can be expected to be as “pleasant” and friendly as she is in bed. Therefore, let’s take a look at the girl who smiles at you. You are most likely to experience an incomparably better erotic experience with her.

What to do with Privat

Take only the most necessary with you. That’s the money you’ll need for sexual services or some snacks. Definitely do not take credit cards and preferably no papers.

Condoms on private ones certainly have, but just take your own if you have some that best suits you in the sex. Condon is a matter of course. You can not assume that a girl would offer you sex without a condom. If this happens, there is a great risk that you will get a sex illness. However, the condom-free oral sex supplement is not an exception.

Prices on private

Prices for sex may vary a lot. It depends very much on how attractive the girl is and what sexual services you choose. For an extra fee, you can often count on, for example, anal sex or condomless oral. However, they are private or “happy hours” when free oral sex is free of charge.

There are also erotic privates where the girls are directly working together. You can also pay for sex in the Swedish Trio. And because the ladies are being played together, you definitely have something to look forward to.


As already mentioned, take only as much cash as is necessary. Keep your papers at home and keep the phone in your eyes. It is true that in many saloons there are decent people (in the sense that they do not want to rob you – they are indecent in sex is the reason why they go 🙂 but you never know who you come across.

Always use condoms for your own health.

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