Sex in the summer

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Although it is not summer yet and heat does not reach the tropical temperatures, but now you can prepare for such a weather and think how you will enjoy when the asphalt is hot and your clothes will stick to your body. Moreover, when they are such a heat, probably thinking about eroticism and looking for different tips you will not even have a thought 🙂 So get ready in time. On hot summer nights in sex, you often experience inconvenience. And not just in the form of increased sweating and bad breathing with higher physical exertion. Which sex is without a doubt.

Erotic massage can be more enjoyable than sex

Once you hit the heat in full strength, try replacing classic sex with erotic massage. Erotic massage requires more tenderness and slower movements than a sexual act. Erotic massage will allow you to concentrate more on touching and all that pleasant to do with it. Moreover, you will not feel so much like sex. Erotic massage in the summer will be great if you get a little bit of a makeup. This concerns in particular the reduction of ambient temperature, respectively. Her perception.

Tips for cold erotic massage

Water Sprayer:
Spraying water is a common, but rather a short-term means of refreshing. Simply sprinkle the sprayer a couple of times in the room and make you feel more comfortable.
Wet Textile:
During erotic massage, the towel is soaked in cold water with a very pleasant refreshment. When you love the heat, a sheet of cold water rinsed in cold water will come in handy.
Ice Cube:
Not only in steam today, your partner will appreciate when you cool his whole body with a dice of ice.


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