Swingers for the first time

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Want to go see the swingers party and have not any of them? What’s your expectation? Overcome fears and experience an unforgettable evening full of emotions and excitement. Leave your fears and fears at home and enjoy the full swingers! Lots of businesses in Prague hold swingers party. We are trying to inform you as soon as possible. Enter another world, swingers world. We were also on one, and it was like this.

For the first time at the Swingers party

We come to the club with an escort. With a smile, they welcomed us and we walked down the corridor to the main room. There is the atmosphere of swingers, dim light, music. We go to the cloakroom, where everybody gets their lockers and we put off our clothes. Here is a welcome drink which is prepared at the bar and a tour of the club. We get information how all the swingers work.

Visitors of swingers can be divided into three categories. The first category includes couples that walk only together, are not in contact with other people and they just need the atmosphere around. The second category includes couples who want to get to know each other. Only one pair is enough to spend four nights in the evenings. The third category includes people who like to switch partners, larger groups of people or different situations. But everyone respects each other and does not force others to do what they do not want.

Everything is just about communication. No means really No and you can keep your distance from others. For the new couples, there is also a room where nobody can see you and you can only see them in the next room. Swingers is another world and you do not have to worry about entering it at all. Watch events in Prague and visit swingers!

(source: http://www.eroticprague.cz/erotic-clubs/poprve-na-swingers/)

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