Why Sex?

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When we love, we turn off the brain and forget everyday worries. Sex is the best detractor for stress and depression. If your lady hurts her head, sex will help her. Ladies, no excuses on migraines. Headache should be the same as when you swallow a pill. Sex also creates good mood hormones, and prevents stress against stress.

Weight loss and sex

Not only do we plug in the muscles we do not normally use but also burn a lot of calories. By burning a thousand calories per hour, it’s the same as if you played Badminton.
It is not in vain to say: If you want to be slim in the waist, sneak in the tail every day;)

For women sex works as an elixir of youth. Thanks to estrogen, sex is the best rejuvenating bark, they will have skin without wrinkles, tune the lymphatic system. Do not rub for different creams and preparations, but sex .. You will be beautiful and young. Do you have trouble sleeping? Sex, thanks to orgasm, the whole body calms down, relaxes, and sleep comes by itself.

Sex strengthens the heart and blood circulation. There is an acceleration of the blood circulation, all organs are oxygenated and this is evidence of both the heart and the brain. Sex reduces the risk of stroke and stroke even by one third. Take sex at least three times a week and be healthy as a rump. Regular sex also has preventative ability to prevent prostate cancer, breast and the ability to lower blood cholesterol levels. Sexual women also strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which will prevent urinary leakage problems at an advanced age.

So do not hesitate and sex, sex is a miracle ..

(source: http://www.eroticprague.cz/erotic-clubs/proc-sex/)

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